GENERAL LIABILITY: Provides protection against financial loss from claims or suits due to Bodily Injury or Property Damage and Personal Injury (i.e. libel, slander, false arrest, etc.) arising out of your operations and for which you are legally liable. Includes defense coverage.






PROPERTY: Provides protection against financial loss due to damage to your real and personal property by specified perils. Can include loss of business income resulting from damage to your property.






DIRECTORS & OFFICERS LIABILITY: Provides protection against financial loss from claims or suits alleging error or omission (mismanagement) on the part of the directors, officers and/or entity in performance of duties. Includes defense coverage.






WORKERS COMPENSATION/EMPLOYER'S LIABILITY: Provides your employees with medical and loss of income protection resulting from on the job injuries as required by state statute. Employer's Liability provides protection to employers for claims/suits arising out of gross negligence.






INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE: Provides equivalent coverage of General, Automobile, and Employers Liability and Property protection against financial loss arising out of your operations outside the United States, its territories and/or possessions and Canada.






UMBRELLA & EXCESS LIABILITY: Provides limits in excess of that carried under the primary General, Automobile, and Employers liability.






PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY: Provides protection against financial loss arising out of claims or suits alleging damages resulting from your acts, errors and/or omissions while providing professional services. Polices are tailored to address the specific professional exposure, i.e. medical, legal, technological, architecture, engineering, etc.






ERRORS & OMISSIONS: Provides protection against claims or suits arising out of the failure of your product or service to do what it is intended to do which results in a financial loss to your client. BONDS: Guarantees the performance of the principal (you) to the obligee (person on whose behalf you are performing), written for a specified amount. Types of bonds include Contract, License and Permit, Public Official, Court, etc.






AIRCRAFT COVERAGE: Provides liability for operation of aircraft, on ground & in air physical damage, and passenger medical payments.






EMPLOYMENT RELATED PRACTICES LIABILITY: Provides protection against financial loss arising out of claims or suits brought by employees and/or prospective employees alleging wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, etc.






AUTOMOBILE LIABILITY: Provides protection against financial loss from claims or suits for Bodily Injury and/or Property Damage arising out of your ownership, maintenance or use of owned, hired & non-owned vehicles. Also provides physical damage for your owned automobiles.






MARINE & CARGO: Provides protection against financial loss to your property in transit &/or normally located away from your premises. Also includes protection for property of others in your care, custody and control on which you are performing a service.






CRIME/FIDELITY: Provides you protection against loss arising out of dishonest acts of your employees. Also includes forgery and alteration of documents drawn against your accounts, extortion, computer fraud, etc.






SYSTEMS BREAKDOWN: Protects you against financial loss due to sudden & accidental breakdown of equipment i.e. heating, air conditioning, production machinery, security systems, refrigeration, etc.






MISCELLANEOUS LIABILITY: Employee Benefits, Pollution, Kidnap/Ransom, Liquor, Environmental Remediation, Marine, etc.






INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: Provides protection for copyright, trademark or patent infringement claims arising out of the company’s operation.






PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYER ORGANIZATION (PEO): is the broader, more up to date term for "employee leasing". Specifically, a PEO is a company that provides integrated human resource administration, payroll processing, employee benefits, workers' compensation and risk management to its client companies. The PEO acts as an off-site human resources department. The PEO actually becomes the employer of record by entering into a co-employment arrangement with its client companies, which enables the PEO to legally function.